GLOBAL MONEY RECOVERY has as object the proving of management services in reorganization, liquidation, insolvency and bankruptcy of the economic entities. 
With the help of our team, that has the qualification and experience necessary for the administration of the companies in insolvency, no matter their object of activity, we follow the assuring of an efficient  management of crisis, approaching the problematic of insolvency from a complex, multilateral perspective. 
Our company is enjoying the collaboration of a team of valuable young people, including attorneys, economists, expert accountants, evaluator experts, specialists in marketing, fiscal consultants and judicial counselos, and the collaboration of some companies of specialty from Romania. In this regard, the main objective of GLOBAL MONEY RECOVERY  is to offer specific services that would assure the accomplishing of the fundamental objectives of a procedure of insolvency. Benefiting of an important experience in this field, we try to offer quality services to all the interested parties in the solving with expediency and maximum efficiency a procedure of insolvency. 

In all the proceudres in which we were appointed, as judicial administrators or liquidators, we develop the corresponding activities of the procedures of insolvency that would be finalized in the most pertinent solutions for the parties involved. These can be nominalized as the following: 


  • Special mandate – Negociation and conclusion of agreements between the debtor company submitted to this procedure and creditors for the overcoming of the difficult condition, by re instalments of the payments, reduction of debts, or the renegotiation of some contracts. 
  • Preventive agreement – Drawing up of the offer of agreement by which the debtor proposes a plan of recovery of the company and of covering the creditors’ receivables, and the negotiation of the conditions of the agreement with the creditors and the surveillance of its applying. 
  • Mediation – Solving the conflicts on an amiable way, in a confidential procedure of assisted negotiation. 


  • Assuring a crisis management – Manifestation of a constant preocupation for the purpose of extinguishing the negative effects in the activity of the debtor, approaching with complexity and with documentation the situations that he generates and indetifying the efficient ways of their solving, in order to assure the necessary means for the developing of the activities.  
  • Examination of the economic and judicial situation of the debtor – Performing some objective analyses on the situation of the debtor, from the economic and judicial point of view, following which will be drawn u a detailed report on the causes and events that lead to the appearance of the insolvency condition of the respective debtor, with the nominalization of all the persons that are guilty for it. 
  • Analysis of the real possibility of reorganization – Collaboration with the creditors and debtors of the company in difficulty, in order to accomplish an efficient reorganization plan, based on which the company will retake the economic activity. 


  • Surveillane of the applying of the reorganization plan – Close following of the accomplishing of the reorganization plan and the defending of the rights of the creditos and in case of a deficitar accomplishment, the notification of the court of law and of the creditors for that matter. Regarding this phase of the procedure of insolvency we specify that in the present we manage with success a very large number of files in which are envisaged successful reorganizations, much over the national average.  


  • Notification of the entering of the debtor in the procedure of bankruptcy – The approach of an equidistant position towards all the creditors, depending on the type of receivable owned by them.  
  • Respecting the procedural norms in the activities developed – Rigurous respecting of the procedural terms and phases provided by the law or by the court of law and accomplishing the atributions of the liquidator related to the notification, inventories and evaluation of the assets and their exploitation by the most efficient ways.
  • Maximizing the value of the debtor’s inheritance – Canceling or dissolving of the judicial document that caused losses to the debtor and the developing of the legal actions in order to recover the sums owed by other entities to the debtor.
  • During the entire period of the procedure of insolvency, no matter if we talk about the general procedure, reorganization or bankruptcy, we follow the respecting of some fundamental principles:
  • The principle of EXPEDIENCY-The undertaking of some sustained efforts in order to cover in the most efficient way all the procedural phases, for the purpose of the fast expoitation of the debtor’s assets and the distribution of the sums obtained to the creditors. 
  • The principle of TRANSPARENCE – Communication and publishing in the local newspapers and of national circuit and on our web pages or  of all the actions taken, the activity reports, the phases of the files, respectively. 





GLOBAL RECOVERY MONEY covers services management reorganization, liquidation, insolvency and bankruptcy of economic entities.

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