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Logistics Support

Logistics Support

The experience achieved in the procedures in which we were appointed as administrators or judicial liquidators, our team of specialists solving from delicate situations related to payments, production or conflicts with the employees to developing economic strategies necessary for the maintaining and rehabilitation of the companies in administration, poving each time that it can face with success any situation, no matter how particular, generated by the procedure of insolvency.

Reported to the logistics needs that the managing of the procedure of insolvency is requesting, we underline the fact that, regarding the endowments, Global Money Recovery disposes of a central office, situated

In Municipality of Oradea, including many offices and a counsel room, benefiting also of technical state-of-art endowments. For a fast processing of the information and the maintaining of a high degree of contact with the debtors and creditors, we have available a dynamic web page, respectively or in which are published all the notifications, summons and reports elaborated by the company as the judicial administrator or liquidator, and all the publications of sale for different personal properties or real assets offered in the procedures of of bankruptcy.

Regarding our team, we mention that our company is represented by specialists with long time experience in the professions which they have and in that of practitioner in insolvency. From the organizational point of view, the company is structured in on four departments with well traced duties in managing a procedure of insolvency, beside these, an extremely important role being that of our external collaborators.

The coordination of the projects is made by the case managers from the team of whom the representatives of the departments of the companies with responsibilities well determined are part of.